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About Clauger!

Air Treatment and Industrial refrigeration design for dairy and afood industrial.

Clauger is a family-owned company specializing in industrial refrigeration and airconditioning systems.

For over 40 years, Clauger has used its expertise to provide industries with innovative and custom-built solutions.

With its 700 employees Clauger offers durable solutions for all types of markets:
1. Dairy products
2. Fresh and cured meat
3. Fruits & vegetables
4. Logistics / Cold Chain
5. Pharmaceuticals
6. Chemicals

Its national and international networks enable Clauger to assist over 3,000 clients throughout the world.

Today, Clauger’s products are found in over 90 countries.

Regardless of the customer size, geographical location, type and complexity of the .

project, Clauger offers the most optimized solution.

References in iran: Bel rouzaneh, Behshahr industrial Co.

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